Make Your Consultations Matter!

Happy New Year everyone! I hope you had a wonderful holiday season!

As we engage this new year I am honored to share that I have collaborated with my good friends and industry colleagues Andrew Carruthers and Sam Villa to record important messages, tips and education to help you grow your business! They can be found on Sam’s You Tube channel!

Our first installment is a 3 part series on client consultation. We decided to start here because this is such a critical part of your client’s experience with you and it’s full of nuance.

In Part One Andrew and I discuss the importance of giving yourself that extra 5 minutes to perform a thorough consultation that allows you to slow down, connect and listen to your client’s needs.

In Part Two we discuss the importance of planning before your client arrives. If you take just 15 minutes before your day begins to review client files, purchasing patterns and visit history you feel more confident about what you want to recommend and feel more prepared for your day.

In Part Three we talk about asking questions that get your clients to share experiences they have had when they loved their look and style so you can make recommendations to replicate it!

Little shifts go such a long way in elevating the experience we provide our clients! We hope you like the tips and we wish you a successful and prosperous 2018!

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