Vision + Data + Collaboration = Results!

Let’s just cut right to the chase. Your vision speaks to where you want to go and what you aspire to become. It is your highest aspiration and drives you forward to produce results. While you can measure that result based upon the energy you feel from your team and your customers, a specific way to know for sure is by tracking your results through your data. This means your software and your financials.

You vision and your data lead you in the right direction as a leader. The next step is collaborating with your team to execute. You can have ideas but if you share them first you don’t give your team a chance to problem solve and create solutions.

The next time you see a disconnect in vision or purpose or the data presents complexities you have to face, take what you see and frame questions you can ask your team to include them in the process.

They will be more apt to get involved in what they have a hand and heart in creating.

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Work together! Create together! Build together! Celebrate together!

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