Upselling & Retailing? You Have All The Time In The World!

As a business coach I often hear salon professionals state that they do not have enough time to retail or offer that add on treatment.

Let me dis-spell this myth (or rather perception).

For add on services if it compliments the service they are receiving and can be handled in the normal flow of it then do it. If you do not have the time that day then work with the client to get it scheduled for another visit. Either way, make the recommendation.

From a retail perspective, if you’re waiting until the end of the service to make your retail recommendations and then you “feel rushed” because you have another appointment, that’s all about you and is just like drive through fast food customer service, get em in and get em out.

Change your perception. Whether you are doing a 30 minute or up to a 2-3 hour treatment you have more than enough time to make the recommendation throughout the service. Try educating your guest every few minutes of the technique you are performing and, every time you touch a bottle of product educate your guest on what you are using, why you are using it and how they can use it at home. Ask them what they want to take home with them while you are finishing their look and the work is done when you are. No extra time needed or having to “feel rushed”.

Use your time wisely and serve your guests at a higher level. They win and you win too!

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