Stylists! Save Your Retail Bonus!

If you work in a salon or spa and receive commission on your retail sales this is a great opportunity to use the monies to pay debts or save it! If you look at from this perspective it may help you change your outlook. While your commission amount may not be a big amount each month, if you put it away, over time, it will add up. Let’s see an example:

Let’s say the below numbers are what you current average each month and what it would add up to in take home pay over a 12 month period:

Retail sales per month: $800

Retail Commission Percentage: 10%

Retail Commission $: $800 × 10% = $80

Annual retail commission: $80 × 12 months = $960

Who wouldn’t want close to $1,000 in savings or to pay off a credit card! Don’t wait, do your math today and make the necessary adjustments so you can put that money away and make it work in your favor. After the first month, you won’t even miss it. This is a great example of how you can work smart and make more money in the long run! Not to mention how you can save over the decades ahead for your retirement!

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