Shine A Light On Color Services This Winter!

The winter months bring with them many days, if not weeks of grey, overcast days. We all know the benefits the sun can have on hair color. The last thing anyone wants is a look dulled by lack of sun. This is where hairstylists come to the rescue!

A simple add on can be a clear or color gloss to add shine and depth to the existing color. This recommendation can be sensible for anyone but can especially serve clients who are averse to color treatments. These two services can provide an emotional boost for clients while supporting sales growth. A gloss can bring in anywhere from $25 and up nationally. It is a sensible recommendation for men and women alike.

You also want to think about color tonality during the winter months. For those clients who are thinking of permanent color or already get it, adding low lites can provide a beautiful contrast.

Darker reds and platinum blonde color treatments can add beautiful dimensions to winter looks and can be coupled with make-up application and wardrobe recommendations. Do your homework and meet with your make up artists. Take into account a client’s service pattern and make recommendations based on their preferences and what you know would benefit their overall look.

Be prepared to recommend the color and share images of it paired with make-up and outfits. Keep your eyes open when you go shopping at department stores, malls or in catalogues. Look at the latest fashion trends and ask yourself how what you are seeing can be applied to which client you serve. Share a style you see befitting of each guest to peek their curiosity and imagination. You’ll build trust while building sales!

Here’s an idea: Host an event at your salon. If you have an in house make-up artist you have two parts covered, then all you need to do is work with a local boutique to host a winter trends event. You can offer packages on color treatments and make up application lessons. Clients attending can be given incentives on make-up, color products and clothes from the boutique. Make it hands on, help clients to see the benefit of new color and make up combinations paired with outfits. They will love it and rave about it to their friends.

Besides, who wants to do the same old same old anyways? This winter, you can help a client reach a whole new look and feel for themselves, one that excites them for the winter while helping you to have fun, be creative and make money! A win, win, win for everyone!


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