Recruit For Culture First! Making Money Second!

Recruiting is something that always seems to be an issue for salon and spa owners. Many face high turnover rates and react to the loss of a technician and the money they were bringing in by placing ad’s to immediately fill that station.

This reaction makes sense in the moment but in that rush to balance things financially there may be a sacrifice made to the culture. If a technician is hired because they have a full book, this may be good in the moment but, in the long run, they may not be the best person for the culture of the business.

What habits do they bring, good and bad? If they have a full book, do they come into the situation with an attitude of “you need me more than I need you?”

The point is this, no matter the situation and the temporary financial strain you face, always hire someone based on your ability to ascertain if they will be a good fit for your culture. Hire based upon common values, technical proficiency, personality, punctuality, look, professionalism, etc.

Have them shadow a team member for an afternoon, invite them to a meeting and have your team be prepared to ask them questions. Make them jump through hoops to become a part of your team. This will weed out the people who are looking to quickly land somewhere and help you find people looking for a home, people that are willing to go through the process to get the position.

By taking your time, you increase the odds of finding the right person and keep them longer. Think about what you and your team value about the business, the industry and each other. Talk together about your recruiting needs and get everyone involved. This will create a positive experience for all. It will also project a unified team to potential new hires, further attracting them to your business. It will also support sales growth during that period because your team will rally behind you and work harder via upselling or marketing promotions to help bridge the gap.

The next time you lose someone, take a breath and be patient. Meet with your team and execute a plan of attack that has everyone working together to weather the temporary storm and attract the right person. It’s inevitable that these things will happen; it all boils down to how you choose to face the situation when it does!

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