Financial Fitness: Webinar Series


A 10 course live webinar series that will help you track, understand and increase salon / spa profitability.



Every salon and spa owner opens their business with the goal of being financially free. For many, achieving and maintaining profitability can be elusive. Join Salon Business Coach Steve Gomez for this 10-part webinar course that will take you on a journey through the world of cash flow management specifically designed with the salon and spa owner in mind. The accompanying book and spreadsheets will help to better understand, track and improve upon the nuances of cash flow management. You will learn how to track and grow sales, understand how to read a Profit & Loss Statement to create a realistic budget and streamline your retail inventory to increase profit!


  • 10 1-hour webinar courses led by Steve Gomez
  • Weekly action steps and tracking tools
  • Financial Fitness Booklet
  • 19 Excel Spreadsheets created specifically for salon and spas in the areas of sales, cash flow management, client retention and inventory management
  • Instruction Guides to support the understanding & implementation of each spreadsheet
  • Sample QuickBooks Chart of Accounts
  • Glossary of Financial Terminology

Upon Purchase: Please look for an email with instructions on how to register for the course.


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