Give Your Appointment Book A Boost This Summer

Summer time can be a fun time for all of us but one issue common to many salons and spas is a drop off in client traffic. Slow summer months can lead to lower profits and bored or uninspired technicians. And no one wants bored or uninspired technicians on their hands so let’s look at some ways to get those appointment books full!

First off, brainstorm as many ideas as you can find to help boost client visits (I will provide a few below to get you thinking.)

Next, bring those ideas to a meeting with your staff. Separate them into two teams and give each team 30 minutes to come up with ideas. One team should focus on getting new clients while the other team focuses on increasing visits with existing clients. For each group, provide one of your ideas as an example to get them going. At the end of the brainstorming session have each group share all ideas, compile them and rank them in order of feasibility and execution. Ask for support from the team to get the ideas in motion and set a plan to implement them in July, August and September.

Here are a few ideas to heat up the books:

  • Bring a friend on Tuesday and you both get half off
  • Monday theme: half off for nurses, doctors, first responders
  • Friends & Benefits themed event or client party where you offer specials, share mini-services, etc.
  • Refer A Friend And Win. Run a referral contest for 6 weeks where the clients can win different prizes which can include services, products, gift cards, dinner, movies, mini getaways, etc.
  • Rebook and Win. Clients who rebook a service get a percentage off retail or discounts on other services.
  • Lawn Party! Even if you don’t have a “lawn” your clients will get the theme. Have clients show up in their best summer outfits. Offer nibbles and bubbles, chair messages and showcase summer time services like a clear gloss or an exfoliating facial. Tie in charitable donations to help a cause.
  • Package summer services with products to increase sales.

As you can see, there are many different ways to fill your books during the summer months. What’s important is to put a plan of attack together and get your team involved. With some thought and hard work this summer can be fun and also busier than any other in the past. It’s up to you to make it happen!

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