A Team Approach To Retail Growth!

To effectively and consistently grow retail sales in a salon or spa business it takes an equal commitment of time, training, belief and resources from a salon/spa team working with their vendors to build a strong retail culture. But that’s only 2/3 of the equation. Everything must be done with the client in mind because without their buy in and use of the products, results can be minimal. Let’s look at the part that each play in building this retail partnership.

The Salon/Spa Staff

This pertains to everyone working in the business. No matter your position or if you work for yourself, it’s your responsibility to:

  • Educate yourself on the product lines you carry. Know them backwards and forwards. Can you be tested and write down features & benefits of products from memory and nail it 100%?
  • Maintain proper inventory levels and adjust minimum & maximum purchases based on sales trends.
  • Consistently track your retail performance via average tickets, retail to service percentages and overall sales goals.
  • Develop or play a part in retail focused promotions and incentives.
  • Utilize all vendor resources and allow them to play the part they can in your success!

The Vendor

This pertains to manufacturer’s representatives or distributors who provide salons/spas with retail products plus back bar to deliver services. It’s their responsibility to:

  • Create a synergistic relationship with both salon/ spa professionals and their clients. What are the values and philosophy of the salon/spa and what type of client does that attract? How can the product line match it?
  • Provide product knowledge classes or technical workshops to support the salon/spa staff.
  • Build relationships with everyone in the business.
  • Provide current marketing materials and up to date display pieces for merchandising displays.
  • Be present at events and engage their client directly to understand and consider their opinions.
  • Understand their profit margins and support their inventory management.

The Client

This boils down to creating an environment suited to exceed their expectations. The team and their vendors must partner to:

  • Provide a retail environment that serves their needs instead of coming across as overtly pushing sales.
  • Perfect the skill of delivering a thorough consultation and closing out the service with retail recommendations. In essence, make it about them and what they need!
  • Provide questionnaires to solicit client feedback.
  • Create a retail experience that is an extension of the service, a seamless addition to what is provided to clients.

At the end of the day, the retail products you sell are a microcosm of your values and vision for being in business. They represent who you are and what you deliver day in and day out. Work with your vendors and clients to make this a reality for all parties involved!

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