6 Ways To Follow Through This New Year!

Every year, we turn the page and begin anew. We resolve to grow, to improve, make better choices and take our salons and personal life to the next level. Sometimes it happens, sometimes it doesn’t. Ultimately it is up to each of us to follow through and make the goal we set a reality.

Easier said than done, yet very possible! Resolutions are pretty easy to identify, they are areas in work and life that we know we want to improve upon such as paying down business debt, promoting someone into a management position, spending more time working on your business, becoming a better listener, eating better, exercising, etc. Identifying these things is not hard. Once you have them in mind follow these steps:

Reflect! Look back and see what you resolved and what you actually accomplished. What resolution did you complete? Why? What motivated you to follow through? What didn’t you complete? Why? What stopped you? Before you can even set a goal, this step allows you to identify behaviors, habits and ways of thinking, good and bad, which help or hinder your progress. The will lead you to resolve to improve your thinking. How you relate to something and how that impacts your actions. To help you with this, work with a coach or mentor, read a self-help or improvement book. Either of these steps will support you to follow through and continue to work towards improvement.

Be specific! The clearer you are about the goal, the odds of achieving it increase. For example, you write down that you want to pay down debt. This is too vague. Instead, write down that you want to pay down $2,500 in business debt in the next 12 months.

Completion dates! A clear goal cannot happen unless you put a date next to the goal. This increases accountability and makes it become more real! Continuing with our example above, the goal now becomes: I will pay down $2,500 of business debt by December 31, 2019.

Check points! Creating a resolution for a 12 month period can be daunting especially because of the length of time involved. Creating check points along the way can help to make the goal more manageable and appear more realistic. Take your $2,500 goal and divide it into a quarterly goal of $625 every three months. You can even go one step further and divide $625 into 3 months to have a monthly goal of $208.33. This makes a larger, long term goal much more achievable.

Share your resolutions! You have other technicians and hairstylists in your business and in your life that believe in you and support you along the way. This should be someone you trust. They should also be someone that can hold you accountable, to remind you of what your goal is and what you need to do to help keep you on track.

Rewards! As the year progresses and you achieve goals and meet check points, reward yourself with small treats or gifts to yourself. It will feel great and further strengthen your resolve to keep moving forward.

Take these steps and make this year that you follow through personally and professionally. You deserve to have this be your best year ever!

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