6 Ways To Maximize Your Rewards Program During The Holiday Season

Every year beauty professionals look for unique ways to spin holiday promotions into sales gold. Whether you are a salon / spa owner or an independent technician, one spin that can provide a boost is to add specials to an existing rewards program for loyal clients. If you don’t have a rewards or points program this could be just the right time to launch it.

A reward program offers participants the opportunity to earn points for retail and gift card purchases, services rendered, rebooking and other ancillary specials that you run throughout the year. If you are going to set it up, you can order credit cards with account numbers, name printing capability and design them with your salons business logo. If you already have this in play then here are some ideas to help boost usage during the holidays (Point values below are hypothetical, use your point system).

  • Clients can earn cascading point values for the amount of appointments they rebook in the coming year. It can look like this: rebook your next visit and get 10 points, their next 2 appointments and get 20 points. If they rebook for their next 3 appointments they get 40 points. If they rebook six months out or up to a year they get a significant point boost and you can include a discount on retail purchases or on one service for free.
  • During the holiday season a client can earn double points on retail purchases.
  • Clients who purchase any package specials you offer can receive triple point value
  • If clients purchase a gift cards they get point values based on the dollar amount purchased. The more they purchase the bigger the point value you can offer.
  • Program participants can earn additional points if they take advantage of any holiday promotions you are offering. (This can also entice clients not enrolled in the points program an incentive to join.)
  • Hold an event for rewards program participants where they can earn points for any and all of the above ideas. Holiday events are a great way to drive sales in one 3-4 hour period that can also make them feel that they are getting special treatment from you.

These program ideas can provide a boost across every segment of your business. If you work for yourself, this helps you to bolster client loyalty, repeat business, sales and new client referrals. It’s a great way to work smarter this holiday season!



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