5 Ways To Handle Late Clients

We’ve all heard the phrase, “Your time is money.” This couldn’t be more accurate than in the salon and spa industry. That’s why it is especially frustrating for salon and spa professionals when clients are habitually late. When they are, it upsets the apple cart. You fall behind and get in rush mode, not to mention the feeling of pressure and frustration that comes with the situation.

We all know that this will happen, however, you control how often it will happen to you. Let’s face it, someone who is habitually tardy, by their actions, demonstrates a basic lack of respect for your time and your service so you have to ask yourself if you’re willing to allow this behavior to continue.

Here’s a few ways you can deal with the situation when it arises:

  1. If it’s more than 5 minutes then reschedule them for another appointment. Reiterate to them that you simply will not have enough time to complete the service they are expecting.
  2. If you’re a stylist you can offer to perform a haircut but not a style for them due to lost time.
  3. Put a sign up at your station or in your treatment room alerting clients to a $25 fee if they do not show up and do not cancel ahead of time.
  4. Charge a “late fee” if someone is over 5 minutes late more than once. (Use your discretion but hold them accountable.)
  5. After a client is late 3 times alert them that if they are late once more you will no longer provide them with service.

When communicating with a client in this situation, be professional, take a breath and relax. Do not let them see your frustration or emotion. The more composed you are the better chance they will get the point. Either way, stand up for your time, your schedule and the rest of your clients that come in on time and deserve to have the experience they expect, without the rush or a stressed out technician! You’ll be happier and more productive in the long run.

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