5 Instances When It’s Ok To Change A Goal

We all know that goal setting is a crucial ingredient to building a thriving business. But sometimes a goal you set may not be the right one.

How will you know? Most of the time, you will know if you set the goal, hit it and either know it was too easy and you could do more or you got the result but it ended up not being enough. For example, you set a goal to increase your average service ticket by $3.00 to take the additional money to pay off a credit card. You set the goal to accomplish this in 60 days but at that time you realize that it wasn’t enough and now you have to adjust. That’s ok.

Remember a goal is something you came up with, committed to and are chasing down. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t or you need to make an adjustment.

Here are 5 indicators that help you determine if you need to change a goal:

  1. It’s too easy. You set the goal and hit it with ease. This means you may need to up the ante and go for more.
  2. It’s too big. Sometimes we can set a goal and it ends up being more than we bargain for. In these moments it’s important to not get down or stressed. Stay calm and keep goal setting! There is nothing wrong with making an adjustment that can be more realistic.
  3. It costs more money. If you budget a certain amount of money and you have already spent it, like planning a customer event, then necessary adjustments have to be made in order for you to accomplish the goal.
  4. It takes more time. Maybe you set a goal to incorporate a new service by a certain date, like extensions, and you realize you need more time and training to increase your confidence.
  5. It needs more hands. Sometimes we set a goal and determine how many people are needed to accomplish it and then realize we need more support. Planning a charity event or an in salon promotion are too good examples. If you need more help, get the support and reset your goal.

Go after your goals, while at the same time be sure you take notice of what may get in the way and be ok with making changes when needed. Remember, growing is a process and there are many variables that may come into play. Be patient, stay the course and live to hit the goal another day.

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