4 Ways To Personalize Your Brand Message

When it comes to marketing there are many factors that make you successful. While you may switch things up throughout the year due to seasonal changes and holidays, there is one piece of the marketing puzzle that should remain consistent and that’s delivering your brand message.

Your brand message is a series of steps that you take to insure that you are creating an emotional connection between you and your current and future customers. When done correctly it communicates who you are and what you provide. It drives the right people to you.

While every campaign or promotion you run should tie into your brand message here are 4 ways you can personalize your brand message year round:

  1. Personalized look books! Each service provider should have their own look book. This will allow the client to look at their work instead of magazine or manufacturer examples.
  2. Put your work on the walls! While your manufacturers may supply you with imagery to hang on the walls it is more advantageous to your brand to have your work there instead.
  3. Put your work on your website! The same applies to your website. Images of your work should be used. If I see your work on Instagram I should see it on your website too.
  4. Communicate what you specialize in! The majority of what you put out must communicate what you specialize in. While you may do a variety of services, if you specialize in something this should be what you share. It will attract the right client while positioning you as an expert.

Here’s a tip to help you along:

Invest in a photo shoot so you can capture high quality images for your look books, fixtures and website.

We’ve all heard the saying, ‘A pictures tells a thousand words.” In this instance, the right pictures can mean thousands of dollars. Make a plan today, schedule the photo shoot, find your models, get the right wardrobe and have fun! You, the team and your branding message will be the better for it.


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