4 Ways To Be An Inclusive Leader!

Running a successful salon or spa is a daily experience of ups and downs, agreements, disagreements, good choices and bad choices.

Being the leader of the business means that pretty much everything you do, every choice you make, your reactions, body language, all will be put under a microscope.

While it is important to assert your leadership to move your business forward or just get the task at hand accomplished, most often it is a wise and prudent policy to lead with humility.


Because you simply cannot accomplish your goals without the support, hard work and follow through of your team. Here are a few ways you can shine a light on their efforts on a continual basis.

This thought process was the basis for me to write my book, Interdependent Leadership: Create A Culture of Inclusive Growth.

Here’s 4 ways you can lead in an open, humble and empowered way which can support you to create a culture where everyone plays a part!

  1. Be inclusive. Engage your team in the decision making process. They don’t have to have final say on things, that’s ultimately up to you, however, when you allow them to be part of the dialogue, they will feel more a part of it and more easily adopt the choice made.
  2. Look for the lessons. You are going to make mistakes and so will they. Have the foresight to set aside emotion or reaction and look for the lessons. Most importantly, be willing to have open and honest dialogue about what happened and what can be learned from it.
  3. Create safety. Be truthful about where you see the business, about what you know or don’t know. It’s very exhausting to act like you have all the answers. Be willing to share when you don’t and ask for help or opinion.
  4. Pass the torch. This means create an environment where other people on the team tale a leadership role. Whether it’s training, education, marketing, or inventory, look to where you can get people more involved with the running the business.

Your environment is only as good as the people in it. Give them the chance to grow, see the future and feel more a part of what is happening and you increase the percentage of success for the business, the team and your customers.

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