10 Ways To Kick Start Sales In The New Year!

Every year, we hit January and it feels like it’s time to reboot, recharge and catch our collective breath because of the busy holiday season. There may be an emotional and energetic let down, it’s natural. While you and your team regroup, it’s also important to keep growing!

It’s a real possibility that sales may take a hit in January because of holiday spending. Notice the language, “real possibility”. This doesn’t mean that it has to be the case. If you take the time to prepare for it you may increase client traffic and boost sales during a time when they may be sluggish. Here are some strategies that can help drive visits and sales.

  1. Strategize now. Whatever you come up with, do it now. Don’t wait until January to figure it out. BE ahead of the curve. Next year, start in November.
  2. Double Points Promotion. If you have a rewards program (You should have a rewards program.) it is a good strategy to offer double points to clients that book January visits during the months of November and December.
  3. Winter Clinic. Create a theme and host a clinic for your clients to educate them on products and services that will help the hair and skin during the harsh winter months. This can be a great way for your clients to have something fun to do and help them start off their new year with positive energy and great services. At the event you can offer specials and packages based on your winter themed services.
  4. Gift Cards. During the holiday season, offer clients a $25 gift card to try a new service in January if they purchase gift cards for friends and family.
  5. Advertise to your Capricorns. It’s their birthday month so put together something fun for them to entice a visit and/or gift cards purchases as birthday gifts.
  6. Valentine’s Day. Begin to offer Valentine promotions and specials by the middle of January to increase sales opportunities.
  7. Packages. Offer clients a discounted percentage if they book their next 5 services in advance or pay for them up front.
  8. Referral Contest. Hold a referral contest for the months of January and February where you give away a weekend trip, an expensive gift card or other meaningful prizes that drive your clients to send you new customers.
  9. New Year, New You promotion. This is a standard promotional name you see every year in January but it’s effective. You can use this name as a way to offer specials to boost color business or, in the spa, facial and body treatment business.
  10. Team Incentive. Have an average ticket contest for your team. Offer cash rewards or education for the top three team members that increase their average ticket during January. This will get them focusing on up servicing their clients.

As you can see, there are plenty of ways to give your business the sales boost it needs to start off the winter months and the new year. Plan for it now, get your team and your clients engaged in the great solutions you have to offer, and everyone will be the better for it.

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