Salon/Spa Business Coaching

What is Coaching?

Owning and operating a successful salon or spa offers a myriad of challenges, growth opportunities and complexities. It takes a solid financial acumen, systems development, recruiting and training talent.  It also takes the ability to successfully manage the nuances of leading people to work with each other to accomplish personal and company goals.

Often times salon and spa owners excel in certain areas of business operation and, at the same time, struggle with others while being looked to by the team to have all the answers.

The commitment of the coaching program is to support salon/spa owners and managers to strengthen areas in the business that are working and to produce breakthrough results in areas where they are challenged.

What you will work on?

In the coaching program you will work with Steve to assess the systems and learning needed to improve your business in each of these 5 critically important areas:



Understand Your Numbers, Track Them Consistently, Increase Profitability

Next to the vision, mission & values of a success salon or spa, having a strong financial foundation is the critical ingredient in a successful salon operation. In the coaching program you will learn or improve upon:

    • Managing your Profit & Loss statement
    • How to understand the story the numbers are telling you
    • Create a budget based on your current financials and future goals for the business
    • Create sales & marketing goals based on your finances
    • Build, execute and monitor a 4-year cash flow projection
    • Review and update pricing to support financial objectives


Set Realistic Goals, Increase Service Sales, Retail Sales, Client Count & Retention

Growing your sales is a clear signal from your customers that you are exceeding their expectations. It also serves as a morale booster for you and the team and it strengthens your salon/spa’s financial foundation. In the coaching program you will learn or improve upon:

  • Creating sales goals based upon financial targets and projections
  • Helping team members create sales targets that are based upon personal goals and company objectives
  • Improving the client consultation to drive service, retail and gift card sales
  • Sales tracking
  • Understanding how to see the story your numbers share about performance or lack there of
  • Learning how to coach based on the numbers instead of emotions


Build or Strengthen Your Brand, Implement Promotions that work

Marketing programs that work are a successful extension of vision, mission and values of your business. They are also based on strategic analysis of where the business is at and what areas need growth. In the coaching program you will learn or improve upon:

  • Creating marketing promotions based on financial and sales analysis
  • Developing a 12-month marketing calendar complete with promotional materials
  • Strengthening your salon or spa’s social media presence
  • How to track & troubleshoot your marketing programs to improve results
  • How to coach & support your team to successfully execute marketing objectives


Implement Systems that Strengthen Your Culture, Increase Staff Retention

You can have a clear understanding of your financial and sales objectives and build the best marketing programs to grow but their success will hinge uponn how strong of a culture you have built. In the coaching program you will develop or improve upon systems to strengthen your culture. You will work with Steve to review & modify your:

  • Employee handbook, policies & procedures
  • Recruiting & interview process
  • New hire orientation
  • 12-month team training calendar
  • Scripts to handle various scenarios critical to customer service
  • Front desk operations & systems development


Learn how to build and lead a salon team that thrives!

Building a successful salon and spa ultimately will rely upon your commitment to transform your culture, enhance systems and coach your team to execute results. All throughout the coaching program you will learn and/or enhance how you lead, which includes:

  • Leading based on the facts your numbers are telling you
  • How to create a culture of empowered accountability (Leading a team versus managing a group of individuals)
  • How to have crucial coaching conversations
  • How to delegate tasks and responsibilities
  • Time management
  • Promoting people from within
  • Supporting the team to accomplish personal and company goals
  • Elevating team involvement in business success

How long is the coaching program?

The coaching program requires a minimum investment of 9 months up to 18 months based upon the work required. Steve will work with you to create a plan based upon your current situation. This includes the size of your business, amount of team members, where you currently spend your time and what systems you have in place.

How do I start or find out more?

To find out if coaching is right for you and your salon or spa please send Steve an email to start the process. Steve will offer a complimentary analysis of your business to determine how the coaching program can support you.